What Motivates You?

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Motivation… You either have it or you don’t. Why is this feeling sometimes so hard to find? My freshman year of high school, I remember sitting in class, my thoughts being carried off by my imagination and wishing that I was in another place. At this point in my life, I had zero motivation for success in school. I was immature and did not understand the benefits of working hard.  Looking back, I laugh at my ignorance. School was something that I felt was pointless and I did not start working hard until my junior year of high school. I enrolled myself in my first AP college credit class which I guess you could say counted as me having some motivation; however, it was more an act of peer pressure since all of my friends were already in the class. Junior year of high school changed my attitude, work ethic and life forever. I was forced to push myself to the limits and gained motivation.  It was brutal. I had never studied that hard before in my life.  My motivation for success was not acquired overnight.  The first tests I took I failed. I was horrified and wanted to drop the class. However, someone once told me that in order to achieve success one will sometimes need to undergo countless acts of failure. Thus, I continued. It was an emotional journey. Ever feel like you are going to do great on a test and then end up failing? That was me.  However, instead of quitting, I just studied harder. I found ways to motivate myself despite the negative results I was being given. Instead of beating myself up I went for a run, ate a chocolate bar and told myself that I did the best I could and was heading in the right direction. Reading this you might think, “Wow this girl is crazy!”. Yes, maybe I was and still am crazy; however, if I did not have that relentless motivation, I would have not survived and passed my AP classes. Believe it or not by the end of the year, my hard work paid off and I had made significant improvement on my test scores. Not only was I earning an above passing grade, I was also a more confident and stronger individual. So, what’s the point of this speel. School is difficult and it’s to be expected that everyone will experience challenges at least once in their learning career. It’s often thought that the smartest people are the ones that have the greatest success. I, however, would disagree. I believe that success is seen in those who have the most motivation, greatest work ethic, and inability to let failure stop them from achieving their dreams. So, set your goals high, make your dreams big, and tell yourself that you are capable of reaching them.

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