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Frequently Asked Questions

All students can benefit from tutoring, whether they are making up for learning loss or accelerating their learning.

 • Literacy AND Math

• Grade 1 & Below 

• Grades 2-5 (Elementary) 

• Grades 6-12 (Secondary)

At 5035 Ooltewah Ringgold Rd #129, 

During the traditional school hours: Homeschool Assistance Program (9am-2pm) and Early Literacy Classes (coming soon) after the school day 

Outside of school, after school or on weekends and during the summer.

• Private Tutors include teachers with an MA or BA/BS degree 

• College Students trained in content specific courses 

• In person

• Online/virtually 

• Once or twice per week  or 

• Three to five times per week 

 Based on the student or family choice

• One student per tutor 

• Two to four students per tutor (small groups)

• Yes, tutor-student pairings will be consistent