Tennessee Education Savings Account (ESA) Program Serves Hamilton County

Written by Brigett Pangkey

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Tennessee Education Savings Account (ESA) Program Serves Hamilton County

There is a new opportunity for Hamilton County. Families who meet eligibility requirements may be able to get tuition or other services from the Marketplace. Funds will offset or in some cases even cover the full cost of tuition. It may seem a littel confusing at first but it is free to apply. There are funds available as of this blog post

Frequently Asked Questions

All students can benefit from tutoring, whether they are making up for learning loss or accelerating their learning.

 • Literacy AND Math

• Grade 1 & Below 

• Grades 2-5 (Elementary) 

• Grades 6-12 (Secondary)

At 5035 Ooltewah Ringgold Rd #129, 

During the traditional school hours: Homeschool Assistance Program (9am-2pm) and Early Literacy Classes (coming soon) after the school day 

Outside of school, after school or on weekends and during the summer.

• Private Tutors include teachers with an MA or BA/BS degree 

• College Students trained in content specific courses 

• In person

• Online/virtually 

• Once or twice per week  or 

• Three to five times per week 

 Based on the student or family choice

• One student per tutor 

• Two to four students per tutor (small groups)

• Yes, tutor-student pairings will be consistent