Parent Testimonials:

” My son is doing well because of you being on our team. I recently heard a parent talking about frustrations and fighting with their children over school and homework. I too had those days but together with you on our team, I sleep and fight no more.”  Stephanie

” We are very happy with the results we have seen in our daughter, you have made the transition from South America to here a lot easier. Thank you!”   Karina

” My daughter received an A – on her report card at the end of the school year, from a very low grad at the beginning of the school year. She went up 2.25 grade levels because of your program! Wow!”  Janet

How would you describe the approach your child’s teacher uses at the center?

“Good! Patient, persistent and kind. Doesn’t give up or let the child give up easily! She (Connie) had helped our daughter feel successful. Approachable teacher/ not intimidating.”  Katie

” Fun! Alejandra makes my child feel confident that can do it! She pushes her just enough to get it done but does not make her feel like she can’t do it.”  Janet