Academic Associates Learning Centers in Grand Terrace

Academic Associates Learning Centers offers individual or group lessons.  We believe fundamentals are important and building a strong foundation in reading and math are essential.  For this reason we offer a free educational consult to our prospective clients.  We desire to establish a long working relationship with your family so that as your educational needs arise we can help you and advocate for you. Most of our clients initially choose reading or math but we offer instruction in most subjects.  We pair our students and teachers strategically.  Students who struggle with a given area are placed with teachers who have that skill as their strength.  Likewise students with a capability to excel in a given area are placed with teachers who are able to help them reach their potential by increasing their skill and interest.


Academic Associates Learning Centers was established in 1980 by Cliff Ponder. He developed the Academic Associates Reading Program which we use today. Today there are over 230 centers around the world. We opened our center in 2004.  We started small with a dream of helping people not only achieve literacy but also to gain confidence and develop a love for learning.  We started only providing Reading instruction but parents would often ask if we could provide assistance with math. Over the years we have expanded to provide a wide variety of services and programs. We have been amazed and encouraged by our students growth and are honored to be a part of that growth process.