New beginnings

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Life has a funny way of coming full circle. Eons ago I spent a year teaching English in Japan. It was great, challenging, fun, exhausting, enriching and any other adjective a person can think of. At the end of the year teaching was the furthest thing from my mind.

So I worked for a company that made touch screen kiosks. I went to trade shows and conventions as the tech who kept the machines running for the clients. NY, FL, CA, CO, WI, IL, OR, MA, OH and Paris, France. Who wouldn’t want to travel, rack up airline miles and sleep in a hotel bed for a couple days at a stretch. Fun, fun, fun.

Teaching? Why? The phrase kept a haunting ring inside of my head, “those who can’t…teach”. But then again bills need to be paid so it was time to be a substitute teacher. Worked as a sub in a public school district and a private school. Payroll once a month, great way to learn how to budget.

One day my wife said “Hey, let’s open up a tutoring center. You’ll do great at it. It’ll be fun!” Hmm how about we don’t and call it a day? Why would anyone want to deal with leasing, utilities, payroll, EDD, IRS, city business license or county FBN filings? But, apparently, a happy wife is a happy home so we started Academic Associates Learning Centers.

We both became certified reading instruction specialists, leased an office space and later became certified Irlen screeners. I was happy with reading tutoring but we kept getting requests for math and other subjects. And over the years we’ve been privileged to work with kids and adults who have done well and received awards! Now this is fun!


New Beginnings (She said..)

2004 was a special year because I married the man of my dreams. That year we sold a house and bought another one, opened up the business, and got pregnant.   If these two sentences were all you knew about us you might be tempted to think that we act impulsively and were somewhat crazy. I suppose one of those may be true.

I’m ALWAYS looking for possibilities; my husband is the ever supportive, loving husband who keeps me from getting into too much trouble. I never considered being a business woman. I only wanted to find a way to stay at home with my family.

One afternoon I was researching this idea of a stay at home tutor as a way of life.  Wanting to do things the right way, I went to get a business license for the home.  We were denied on a technicality. I was so flustered that as I left the office I drove the wrong way home.  I came to a building and with a FOR RENT space outside. People were waiting to view an office space upstairs.

As I mentioned I am always on the lookout for possibilities. I don’t like being told there’s no way.  The fighter in me just rose up with determination.

This is where the story gets weird.  As I opened the door to the office suite I could see glimpses of what it could be.  Although it was empty and not perfect by any means I could see where our existing furniture would go to make it a business.

I went home to tell my sweet husband and he didn’t discourage me.  Many people have walked along the way making AALC a possibility.  Our clients have become an inspiration to us as we celebrate their successes with them. AALC has changed our lives for the better.  We aim to make your life better by providing a quality service with compassion.   We welcome you to a new beginning.


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